Friday, 25 May 2012

Slow Cooker recipe weekend..........

Hey does anyone want to join me.............
With a big cold weekend forecast for at least South Eastern Australia and everyone had so many great suggestions I though if today and over the next few days maybe you could post your favourite recipe for the slow cooker.............
Yeh I know you could google slow cooker recipes but I do love the recipes best that I get from friends.............
So today I am painting a room and the slow cooker is going on now..........
This is one of my quick ones and wonderful in the campoven too............
Mild Chicken Curry
Mild Chicken Curry
McCormicks have some other great slow cooker packets too
I vary mine as needed..........unfortunately I can't always get coriander even though I love it so today with the packet i am adding
 chicken thighs 
(they say 1kg for the packet but I only have 760grams)
1 x large onion
2-3 x carrots peeled and sliced
1 x green capsicum chunks
1 x 400g can coconut milk 
I'll flour the chicken pieces before I pop them into the slow cooker.
I won't pre cook anything today........
Mix the coconut milk with the packet mix and place everything in the slow cooker.....
hoping this will be lunch so high setting for 4 hours
I also have a bunch of bok choy that I will add when I come in to cook the rice

Joolz posted this slow cooker lasagne and I will be giving it a try as soon as I get the ingredients.

Go dig out your recipes and if you post one on your blog pop a link to your blog in the comments so we can check out the recipes.

I love meals like this in cold weather............
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........
PS we got 39mls of rain which is wonderful..........

ADDING links here
Deb's Mexican Chicken
Lisa tells how she does her Roast Chicken
Narelle Beef and Vegie Soup


  1. Love it when you get to the end of a busy day and dinner is done! Enjoy your paintIng and the rain.

  2. Think we could give you some of the extra we have had here in Burnie as well, Chooky :)
    I really love the McCormick's Chicken, Bacon and Potato Bake in the slow cooker. I follow the recipe as is, although if I don't have enough potato, I add some sweet potato. Yummy!

  3. definitely slow cooker day... I took out some Osso Bucco... and trying a new recipe... will see how that works out.... we have had rain but not nearly as much as you....

  4. What a great post chooky! I have seen the McCormicks curry chicken at our local supermarket but unsure whether to give it a go...I am now going to get the ingredients today to try! Vicki's McCormicks chicken, Bacon and potato bake sounds yum too!
    All I mostly use my slow cooker for is to cook roast chicken or pork...but I can give my tip to place egg rings on bottom of slow cooker so fat drains away....and I always sprinke my meat with Mcormicks Season-All

  5. That is our Go to chicken curry too! :) Also love their "Garlic and Herb Lamb Shank" one but we use Gravey Beef cut or Osso Bucco. There are both winners in this house :o) It's Lasagne for tea tonight and I see a couple of home made soups being made tomorrow :o) Have a great weekend

  6. I haven't tried any of those flavour packets but the Curry Chicken does sound good - that's on the menu for one night next week! And the Chicken, Bacon & Potato Bake...

    Cheers - Joolz

  7. Chooky this sounds like fun,i dont use my cooker much but i will now with all these yummy recipes,i see Lisa does a roast chicken in it,i would like to try that and your curry one,oh chooky maybe you should have a slow cooker blog,this is inspiring me to get my cooker out,thankyou ladies.xx

  8. I love the McCormicks Curry Chicken !!! I wouldnt survive some days without my slow cooker. I dont tend to follow recipes so I will take note of how I make a few slow cooker meals and share :)

  9. I must try that one Chooky....sounds yummy! I'm going to crank my slow cooker up tomorrow with 2kg chicken drums, bacon, potatoes, 1pk of frozen mixed veg (defrosted), a couple of tins of cream of chicken soup & spices to taste. If room in the pot I will add some doe close to end of cooking. Will put up post tomorrow.

  10. Brilliant idea Chooky. About time I got the slow cooker out and used it.. and today is perfect... rainy and cool (not cold) Can't wait to try everyones recipes... these are the best ones... from friends.

  11. This base is so good we use this one all the time...must check out our recipes...

  12. Oh yum this sounds great. I will see if I can find this packet tomorrow, didn't even know about it. I will try it in the pressure cooker which is my savior over the winter months

  13. Oh yum this sounds great. I will see if I can find this packet tomorrow, didn't even know about it. I will try it in the pressure cooker which is my savior over the winter months

  14. Will get the slow cooker out on Sunday and post something on my blog, then ..... Looking forward to heaps more recipes

  15. Fantastic idea Chooky!
    I've put on a Country Vegetable soup this morning and added some beef bones for added flavour.
    Off to check out some of the other recipes :)

  16. Update - yeah managed to find it in the supermarket today so plan to have it for dinner. will keep you posted.

  17. Hi, Slow cookers are great! I made this meatloaf in the cooker. so easy ,tastes great and very quick to mix up. it is here on my blog. sue~nz

  18. Hey Donna! I love things done in the slow cooker, but am not very good at organising myself to take the meat out of the freezer the night before ... oops! Haven't tried the packet base mixes yet ... have a slow cooker recipe book and do mine from scratch. Our two faves are Morrocan Lamb and Burgandy Beef with Cheese and Herb Dumplings ... Yummo!! Maybe if I take the meat out the freezer now I'll be ready for tomorrow! :0) Turned cold here on our 'hill' too!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. Thanks for this post. After our chat yesterday our Lasange went in the slow cooker yesterday .... never done that before and yum yum I am converted - never cooking lasagne in the oven again! Tonight I am trying a chicken in the slow cooker .... smells great, looks good ..... dishing up soon so time will tell :o) I loved my slow cooker before but now I am seeing it in a whole new light. Thanks for the ideas everyone xx

  20. I love my slow cooker...especially on days when the kids have sport late in the afternoon. It's so nice to come in from the cold to a yummy smelling house :) I usually use the Maggi recipe bases, like Beef Stroganoff or Lamb Ragout or Devilled Sausages, and add extra vegies and herbs. Have never tried a roast though....that will have to happen soon.
    One thing with my slow cooker...I am never game to leave it on while I'm at work, although many people I know do. I'm a bit afraid I'll come home to a burnt-down home :)

  21. This is a brilliant idea Chookyblue. I am definitely going to have a go at a bunch of these recipes. I have posted my very basic chicken casserole, I am not much of a cook, so hopefully it is okay.

  22. Yum Yum... will have to check these all out.

  23. Hey Miss Chookyblue!! Perhaps slow cookers are one of the few things I can enjoy about winter! :0) I've posted a recipe for one of our fave recipes, "Burgundy Beef With Cheese And Herb Dumplings" that you might like to add to your recipe book. It's pretty YUMMY! :0) Have a great week!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  24. I love winter here in Perth. Doesn't get TOO cold. Perfect for slow cooked food. I've posted my favourite slow cooker recipe on my blog and linked back here. Now I'm off to look at other recipes!

  25. I love my slow cooker and can tell you about one of my favorite recipes. Roast lamb: Put a leg of lamb in the slow cooker and pour over some thick mint sauce (you can brown the leg in a frypan first but you don't have to). Sometimes I put rosemary sprigs on top then cook 0n low for about eight hours. You don't put anything else in, just the leg. Yum!!!

  26. Thanks for the great ideas.

  27. I have posted my Silverside recipe today! So much inspiration here!!!

  28. Hi, my slow cooker recipe for hundreds of years old French CASSOLET.... Smoked Bacon Bones, Chicken Breast,
    Continental Frankfurts or Cabonossi, Red Kidney Beans or white, 1 or 2 tins crushed tomatoes, white wine. High till boil then low for couple of hours. Serve with rice or small pasta. The aroma is unbelievable!! Anyone that comes into our home says OMG!!!!


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