Thursday, 14 December 2017

Early start for drafting......

Needed to help draft a mob of sheep before work......
Hope you have a cool spot......
40 plus degs forecast for the next while summer took some time to arrive it has hit with a bang......
Catch you later......


  1. I am in Florida and I am cold--I think this is the longest cold snap in the last couple years that I have been here--think this is the 4th day of no AC--and really not even fans going--crazy!!! but at least it isn't snowing (though I do miss watching it snow) and up north tonight they will get down to 9 degrees--(here it will only be 60--but that is cold to us southerner's!!!)
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. How do you keep your eyes open at town work after farm work so early.....amazing! Not looking forward to Summer arriving.....I will take year round Spring lol!

  3. Hi Chooky gee i hope you wont be too buggared by the end of the day,it was a hot one here yesterday and we had a fire burning close by,we were lucky it was burning the other way,take care my friend xx

  4. I shouldn't complain about 40deg, as I don't have to go in the sheep yards or outside. Feeling and thinking for you. Tis a nice 24 today! Off to the city for Christmas tonight with all my kids and grandies!!

  5. Lovely shot but I hope that sun doesn't evaporate that precious water you recently collected.

  6. oh 40, so hot! Hope it all goes smoothly, despite the heat.

  7. 10 F in Maine, any sensible sheep is in the barn.


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